Senior Manager - Public Works Technical Support Division

The key to life is simple.
Figure out who you are, who you want to be and then do your best to get there. We are aquatic contractors with no limit to what we strive to build. As aquatic contractors we understand that the construction process can be a series of problems and solutions. The scope of the projects may vary but the quality of the execution should never waiver.
Hotels . . . Resorts . . . Municipalities . . . Water Parks . . . Government facilities . . . High Schools and Universities . . . we have built swimming pools for them all. What we have learned in constructing these larger than life pools we bring with enthusiasm to each and every job we do.
These types of swimming pools start with the same principals used in residential pool construction, however, the scale of the projects change by large multiples. The process of taking water from the pool, filtering that water, treating it with sanitizers and the placing it back into the pool becomes an engineering feat as the volume of water increases. Plumbing lines and fittings grow exponentially in size to handle the increased volumes and turnover requirements, large three phase pool pumps supply the filters with 1000’s of gallons of water per minute, swimming pool filters cleanse the flow, and sanitizing units balance the chemical composition of the water in the swimming pool, spa, wader or toy area of a water park by doing a quick analysis and then communicating the data to the feed pumps where the chemical distribution is achieved and the Health Department requirements for public safety is met all while the facility provides enjoyment to the public.
Clients who have used Mission Pools to build their “Projects” include the United States Marines and Navy, universities from the University of California, Davis, south to the University of California, San Diego. There are five star resorts like Pelican Hills in Newport Coast to the Renaissance in Indian Wells. We have not met a swimming project that is too big, too complicated or too challenging for our team of experts at Mission Pools and for this we are thankful and proud. Aquatic construction at this level takes an organization with an excellent talent pool and support from financial institutions in the fields of insurance, bonding and banking. This is support that has been earned from year one of developing relationships. You do not just wake up one day and decide that this is who you want to be.