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Dream Carrying Caissons

“Technical Engineering Achievement – Master Pools Guild Gold Award”

A picture is worth a thousand words however there is more to this vanishing edge pool than meets the eye.  This is a freestanding pool thsan-diego-swimming-pool-views-mission-poolsat was constructed on top of ten caissons which had to be drilled twelve feet into the ground.  The pool with a spectacular view of the ocean also features an island spa with stepping stones on pedestals for entering the spa.  The Baja shelf located in the spa area uses the same all glass tile matching the domed shape spa wall and spa veneer.  The coping was a special ordered hand cut stone.

A Community Connector

“Commercial Water Feature – Master Pools Guild Gold Award”

What could be better than a beautiful natural fountain to bring a community together?El Cajon Civic Center - A very nice accent to the hub of a growing community.  A stroll along Main Street could easily end with a pleasant conversation on a park bench in front of this exceptional fountain.  Built in the heart of a downtown city center, this fountain creates a pleasant atmosphere. Starting at the entrance of the city’s civic center, this 300’ long exquisite water feature includes 325 tons of rock and moves approximately 1000 gallons per minute.  With a cascading column of water at one end, the fountain condenses to a stream in the middle and then concludes with a large pond at the other end.

Swimming Pool Dreams Come True

2013-geometric-award-winner-mission-poolsThis phenomenal residential San Diego swimming pool goes above and beyond with exemplary design.   Two pools, side-by-side, linked by a walkway to the entrance to the home creates a magnificent masterpiece.  With a negative edge around the entire pool, 50% of the pool spills into an open trough and the remaining portion of the pool disappears into a slot drain.  2013-negative-edge-geometric-swimming-pool-award-winnerAll of the water joins in the trough which is the feed water for a 30’ long 15’ high ledger stone water wall viewable from the glass windows on the upper level and lower level of the home.  The home sits above the coast and construction for the pools utilized caisson and grade beam design.  The north pool incorporates a spa in one corner and the south pool exhibits a special stainless steel piece of art.  The reflections provided by the proximity of the pools offer peace and tranquility in the beautiful entrance to the home.

This is our 2013 Geometric Gold Award winning accomplishment.

Striving for Excellence One Dream at a Time

Let’s go surfing… after we take a dip in the pool.


Swimming pools and spas come in all shapes and sizes but none have a champagne acrylic spa suspended over the pool.  This spa is constructed using stainless steel structural members welded to a stainless steel post that extends down below the pool floor.  The stainless steel coping allowed one time access for the installation of the hydrotherapy jets within the curved structural members.  The straight wall has the majority of the plumbing behind the acrylic panels with the equipment piping in view when the system is off.  This required every nut, bolt, pipe run, fittings, and all glue joints to be PERFECT, nothing less was acceptable.  Great for the technical minded owner.  The all glass tile quarter circle pool was built with a stainless steel coping and rotating post which is designed to allow the interior quarter circle of the house floor to rotate from inside the house to outside the house and cover the pool and be used for outdoor dancing.  Although the motor mechanism was never installed, the pivot point of the floor was installed in the square corner of the pool and the movable interior floor was never installed, the pivot point of the floor was installed in the square corner of the pool and the movable interior floor was constructed.  Needless to say, the design of the house windows completely opening up to the pool area and the proximity to your own beach and the public beach make for a great party place.


Silver Award Winner Swimming Pool

Swimming Soaking or Viewing

The owners of this swimming pool really wanted a swimming pool and spa design that would blend with the surrounding area.  Starting with the spa they took their cue from the natural hot springs found in the mountains, as the jets churn the water and people get in the spa the water level raises up and out of the sloped deck and into a slot drain surrounding the spa.  The water then travels down a series of large flat stones in the river bed and into the 825 square foot lagoon located at the base of the pool. The second spa is located outside of the master bedroom.  The swimming pool design has a Baja shelf adjacent to the beach entry where little people can play and have a great time. There is a complete outdoor kitchen and serving bar for guests who can swim up and take a seat at the counter.  After the sun goes down and it cools off everyone can sit around the fire pit and make Smores.

This Silver Winner for the Geometric Pool category features; a jumping rock, perimeter over-flow edge, spa-attached concrete, vanishing edge, zero-entry, and a fire pit.

Picture Perfect


This all-tiled spa and pebble finished pool combination includes an intricate fountain located at the far end of the pool this is the definition of a geometric swimming pool. However, the water feature is the star of the show in this backyard filled with such beauty.  The wall on the front side of the fountain is covered with specialty scallop glass tile that creates a wave pattern for the water to run over the sparkles in just the right light.  Water trickles down the elaborate wall and ends up in the pool. The 48-foot pool is met at the other end by a wading area for the kids. The all-tile spa could have the best seat in the house, turn on the jets and relax as you watch the big screen TV behind the outdoor kitchen.  It is perfect solution after a long day at work.

Swimming Pools Batting Cages or Both?

“Oh my gosh look at the time!  Johnny grab your bat bag and Suzie grab your swim bag we have to leave for your practices now and we won’t be home until dinner so make sure to bring your homework.  Let’s go.”

If you haven’t experienced this scene then you can only imagine the value of thisswimming-pools-batting-cage-mission-pools swimming pool batting cage combination.  It’s an ultimate multiuse backyard.  Image the birthday parties, the groups of teenage boys competing, wrestling, the teenage girls dangling their feet in the pool talking about all those incredibly important things teen girls talk about, being mature and immature simultaneously a skill perfected by either group of teens.

We can turn a backyard vision into reality and that is our specialty.  Bring us your visions and our team of swimming pool and spa designers will transform them into buildable plans.

The Auto Cover Gold Award was earned for this project.  Maximizing the use of your backyard is as easy as calling Mission Pools San Diego Swimming Pool Builder since 1960.

A Bit of Brazil – a swimming pool award winner

Mission Pools Master Pools Guild 2013 Silver Winner - a San Diego tropical port with a touch of BrazilOur clients wanted something completely different in their front yard, and I would say they accomplished that.  This aquatic paradise is complete with ponds, grotto, and a spa each with rivers and waterfalls running into the 144′ long x 22′ wide swimming pool.  The pool has a swim up bar that features a handmade, special order 24k gold tile on the face of the raised patio area directly behind it.  Just off the spa area is a raised fire pit which almost reminds you of a volcano without the lava flow running off the side.  As you enter the property from the street above you walk down a series of steps that wander in and around the ponds, waterfalls, and the grotto area, each landscaped with exotic one of a kind specimen plants.  Eventually you make your way down to one of the two custom built Ipe (eee-pay) wooden bridges. This wood comes from the Brazilian rainforest and is some of the hardest wood in the world.  The main bridge is embedded with low voltage lights that welcome you to the front door.

Circular Swimming Pools

Satisfaction is a wonderful bi-product of building swimming pools in this world.  Some of the most satisfying projects are those that give unparalleled indulgence in water, location and relaxation to those whom emerse themselves in AN environment you helped create.  Thinking about the people who will enjoy the service and experience around a “one of a kind pool” you built, in a perfect location, simply makes you swell with pride.Pelican Hill swimming pool by Mission Pools | Orange County Swimming Pool Builder You see, not everyone in this business is fortunate enough to be trusted with the challenges that arise with building a unique aquatic facility that became the center jewel in the incredible setting of an incredible resort.  Such is the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach with their aquatic offering built by Mission Pools. Our wish is that your life offers you the opportunity to enjoy this pool and setting that is second to none.  Your resort experience and entry into our pool will have you smiling just as we are from having built the largest all tile circular pool in the world at this fabulous resort.


We Build You Enjoy

Yesterday was an example of why my brother and I enjoy this business so much.  Contracting is all about solving problems…problem/solution management.  We are currently fortunate to have a wonderful couple we are building for whom have a very difficult time with visualizing “concepts”.  My time yesterday taking them on a field trip just showed how enjoyable it was to hear a “yes” for a decision on their plaster product.  For them the color was right, the texture was right and the bright sun on the water produced a look that told them their choice and our direction was right on!

construction-swimming-pool-designer-mission-poolsIt points out the fact that our job at Mission Pools is to help our clients with those choices to achieve success with their end project.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, swimming pools, spas and water features have an almost infinite amount of choices.  When we design and build projects our people have this in mind.  It is our job to guide and assist our clients through the myriad of choices so the final project gives years and years of enjoyment to the family.

The fact is that buying a pool is a big, big choice and the return should be great in more than financial justification but in personal enjoyment and satisfaction.  To me, that also means that our clients have the feeling that they made a good choice to buy into the swimming pool lifestyle but also a better choice in choosing the professional team at Mission Pools.  Yes, I love what I do…can we build one for you?