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Desert Lifestyle

Southern California is known for a lifestyle second to none.  Our area that started out as an arid desert has now become a land of lush landscaping creating an all new desert lifestyle.  Flying into our airports gives one the opportunity to see just how many people have chosen to build swimming pools into this desert lifestyle in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties.  Mission Pools has been building in Southern California for over fifty years and is proud of the generations of people whose lifestyle we have improved through the addition of a swimming pool in their homes.  Only a handful of companies can boast about consistently being there for their clients since 1960.


construction-swimming-pool-lap-pools-mission-poolsWhat started as a small division of a major agricultural supply company in Escondido has grown into one of the most respected swimming pool contracting firms in the United States.  The company is proud of the reputation they have earned while building residential and commercial aquatic facilities.  Let’s face it, this is a desert and it can get hot, really hot.  There are very few simple pleasures that match that of diving into your own pool on a really hot day and feeling the stresses of daily living melt away.  It has been said many times, and is true, that one can create a resort in their own backyard.


Swimming pool owners have the benefit of not only using their investment for health, family fun and entertaining but also the daily benefit of soaking in the beauty a pool adds negative edge swimming pool designed by Mission Poolsto a well designed yard.  A properly designed pool can not only make a visual impact but the soothing sound of running water can be only a push of a button away.  Enjoying the sights and sounds of pool ownership brings outdoor living to a new level.  Hawaii, Tahiti or the Mediterranean does not have to be that many miles away…it can be right through your sliding glass door.


Lifestyles are made from personal choices and the enjoyment of owning a swimming pool, spa and water feature daily reaffirms that building a pool for the family was a great choice.  Today the wide variety of swimming pool finishes produce a rainbow of colors during the day under the Southern California sun and in the evening, the newest LED pool lighting fixtures allow us to dial in the color of the water you want for that special evening swim.  There are even programs for the pool lighting that put on color shows that seem like they are straight from Vegas. Come on…jump in and have fun.  The water is wonderful here in the desert, especially in your own Mission Pool.

Swimming Pool Builder Partner

You know . . . you just do not wake up one day and decide you can be someone’s partner in business.  Strong relationships take years of performance to earn a real trust.  Relationships are earned and when successful, offer benefits to more than the supplier and the contractor.  In fact, the strong relationships we have forged over the years offer silent yet enviable community support.

At Mission Pools we are all about relationships and treasure the bonds we enjoy with suppliers of all the components that go into a Mission Pool.  What a luxury it is for us to see our men and women take the components we buy from our manufacturing partners and product suppliers and then produce and service those beautiful award winning swimming pools that are proudly displayed on our office walls while providing daily family enjoyment for our clients.

Companies like Pentair, a NYSE listed company, provide us with pool components that make our clients smile when they walk into their kitchen, push the spa button and feel the Disneyland like magic begin.  With that one push of the button, the circulation and heating equipment turns on, the spa water becomes isolated, the heater fires to a preset temperature and the controller smiles back through LED’s that tell you all are working and the temperature is rising while your stress level is dropping.  Then once you have settled into your Mission Pools spa you reach to the spa side control and activate the therapy jets that will melt away the one tight spot on your back and reduce your rigidity to that of a noodle.

Swimming Pool Builder | Pentair Heaters Heat PumpsOur partners at Pentair provided us with that equipment and the knowledge of how the components work while underwriting some of the best warranties in the industry.  We know that they trust us to keep their equipment in top working order and protect their good name in the field, for you see, we are their eyes and ears as collectively we work to improve on products that tomorrow will make the pool and spa experience even more enjoyable.  They support us so WE can look good in the eyes of our clients.  But I have to tell you that the support does not stop at our client’s backyards.

Pentair recognizes our company’s desire to give back and support local charities like the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and they provide us with equipment that we turn into cash donations for the children programs of the Club.  Over the years Pentair has donated over $100,000 in product along with Mission Pools so collectively we could help fund Club programs that assist the over 25,000 children in the greater San Diego County area.

You gotta love a good partner and we surely do treasure ours.