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Satisfaction is a wonderful bi-product of building swimming pools in this world.  Some of the most satisfying projects are those that give unparalleled indulgence in water, location and relaxation to those whom emerse themselves in AN environment you helped create.  Thinking about the people who will enjoy the service and experience around a “one of a kind pool” you built, in a perfect location, simply makes you swell with pride. You see, not everyone in this business is fortunate enough to be trusted with the challenges that arise with building a unique aquatic facility that became the center jewel in the incredible setting of an incredible resort.  Such is the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach with their aquatic offering built by Mission Pools. Our wish is that your life offers you the opportunity to enjoy this pool and setting that is second to none.  Your resort experience and entry into our pool will have you smiling just as we are from having built the largest all tile circular pool in the world at this fabulous resort.




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