Designing a Swimming Pool and the Healthy Marriage Mutual Fund

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Designing a Swimming Pool and the Healthy Marriage Mutual Fund

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“Wow, it’s a bright morning it is going to be a hot day” you say to yourself.  The trees are barely moving and you are thinking “I am sure glad it’s a Saturday”.  Trying to be loud enough without yelling, you lean in the direction where you think your wife is in the house and ask ” Honey, let’s eat breakfast out on the patio.”, to which she responds, “Sure I’ll have three scrambled cheesy eggs, toast, blackberry jam and a Grande green tea latte.  As she’s giving you her order which includes a Starbucks run for her favorite drink, you are thinking that your suggestion was not for you to make breakfast.  Then that reoccurring thought pops into your “me, myself, and I” conversation… this might be a good opportunity to bring up the idea of that in ground swimming pool.  So, you respond, sure Dear did you want 2% milk in your latte?

You have been in your dream house for three summers now and each summer you bring up the topic.  Temperatures have been a consistent ninety plus from before June to past September.  Even though business has not been what it was when you bought the place, you have stashed some money in the “designing a swimming pool” category of your “healthy marriage mutual fund”.  Just enough to put you in a first and goal position or six inches off the green for a forty-foot birdie putt.  Do you play it safe with a wedge or pull out your putter and go for it by banking on another year of increased sales.  A beautiful, warm, sunny breakfast on the back patio might be just what you need to broach the topic with your “Head Coach of Financial Security”.

After getting everything prepped and ready to cook, you head to Starbucks and without missing a beat grab a dozen roses as you are heading out of the combo grocery/Starbucks store.  You get home and whip up breakfast, put the roses in a vase in the center of the patio table, and once again, leaning in an effort not to yell “Dear, breakfast is ready”.  And here she comes, all the right buttons have been pushed, seeing the roses on the table it is obvious that she’s happy and feeling loved.  You find it hard to control yourself when the first words out of her mouth are “What a beautifully warm spring morning… are you thinking we should build our swimming pool this year?” As you catch yourself from tripping through the French doors to the back yard, you can hardly see because you are laughing so hard your eyes are watering.  She really caught you by surprise.

Designing a swimming pool may be a serious undertaking but this year her heart is in it.
She has been thinking about it and she knew that you were going to bring up the swimming pool project.  She realizes that even though she has been able to postpone the project for three years she has really wanted that waterfall surrounded by a garden that was part of the swimming pool design.  This spring you want a reason for your children’s friends to hang out at your house.  She knows how much money you have saved in your “healthy marriage mutual fund”, she knows how hard you both have been working, and that high school starts next fall.  So this spring she has already decided to let her starting quarter back call the plays and make it happen.  As you catch your balance and prevent breakfast from becoming snacks for the dogs, your wife leans over, gives you a slow kiss, and says, ” I think it’s time for us to design our swimming pool.”

negative edge pool with raised spa and water slotsAnd so, the journey begins.

Design ideas, the budget, and the swimming pool builder…what do you choose first?

While you may have no inkling of all the specifics to consider with a swimming pool design there are the basics that everyone can start with and hopefully the rest of our tips and suggestions will help you choose the right swimming pool builder for your dream come true.

What is your “why” for building a swimming pool? Stretch yourself to have as many answers as possible to this question but initially we suggest a minimum of three.  What you want and what someone else can build for you is dependent on how your vision and their ability to listen match up.  A seasoned swimming pool designer is going to know what you are trying to explain and they understand the challenge of describing a vision, along with the feelings or emotions that are attached to that vision.  They have heard so many descriptions, they are good listeners, and they really will understand what you are trying to communicate.  A great swimming pool designer knows that BBQ’s, birthday parties, sleepovers, and moonlit summer nights in the spa equal priceless memories.

What do you think would be the most popular activity for your in ground swimming pool? Your favorite or most popular backyard activities will help your designer create the design which includes the shape, location of water features and spa, types of plants, and other components like traffic flow.  Swimming pool plans are not easily changed and usually add cost to the project when the changes come after their approval and permitting.

Pickrell_2_950-115Swimming pool shapes are limited only by your property, your use expectations and your budget.  An experienced swimming pool builder is going to know the best approach for a challenging installation such as building into a hillside or building over the edge of a cliff. Search Google images for swimming pools and enjoy looking at all the existing shapes, sizes, and backyard locations.  A real help is to print some pictures and bring them to your meeting with your designer.
Maintenance is a must, and the reality is that a professional swimming pool builder, with years of experience and a great reputation, works with the most reliable suppliers in the industry.  To them, their reputation is more valuable than a quick buck.

Choosing a Swimming Pool Builder is not going to be as difficult as you may think.


Raised bond beam with wall sconces - raised spa

It just might be a warm Saturday spring morning over cheesy eggs, blackberry jam, and Starbucks that will entice your wife to use her design pad and colored pencils to sketch the ideas of a swimming pool and water feature as she envisions.

Take your last bite of eggs and sit back, relax and be thankful that life has been so consistent for you while another dream is realized.


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