Swimming Pool Dreams Come True

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Swimming Pool Dreams Come True

This phenomenal residential San Diego swimming pool goes above and beyond with exemplary design.   Two pools, side-by-side, linked by a walkway to the entrance to the home creates a magnificent masterpiece.  With a negative edge around the entire pool, 50% of the pool spills into an open trough and the remaining portion of the pool disappears into a slot drain.

All of the water joins in the trough which is the feed water for a 30’ long 15’ high ledger stone water wall viewable from the glass windows on the upper level and lower level of the home.  The home sits above the coast and construction for the pools utilized caisson and grade beam design.  The north pool incorporates a spa in one corner and the south pool exhibits a special stainless steel piece of art.  The reflections provided by the proximity of the pools offer peace and tranquility in the beautiful entrance to the home.

This is our 2013 Geometric Gold Award winning accomplishment.



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