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Yesterday was an example of why my brother and I enjoy this business so much.  Contracting is all about solving problems…problem/solution management.  We are currently fortunate to have a wonderful couple we are building for whom have a very difficult time with visualizing “concepts”.  My time yesterday taking them on a field trip just showed how enjoyable it was to hear a “yes” for a decision on their plaster product.  For them the color was right, the texture was right and the bright sun on the water produced a look that told them their choice and our direction was right on!

It points out the fact that our job at Mission Pools is to help our clients with those choices to achieve success with their end project.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, swimming pools, spas and water features have an almost infinite amount of choices.  When we design and build projects our people have this in mind.  It is our job to guide and assist our clients through the myriad of choices so the final project gives years and years of enjoyment to the family.

The fact is that buying a pool is a big, big choice and the return should be great in more than financial justification but in personal enjoyment and satisfaction.  To me, that also means that our clients have the feeling that they made a good choice to buy into the swimming pool lifestyle but also a better choice in choosing the professional team at Mission Pools.  Yes, I love what I do…can we build one for you?



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