Custom Pool Features Options

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Robert Laverty/ Designer

Custom Pool Water Features Riverside, San Diego, & Orange County

The addition of water features bring a whole new dimension to your backyard pool design.  Moving water can be as simple as water spouts to as elaborate as natural waterfalls creating that “wow” factor that attracts attention and engages people into the waterscape. Incorporating water features into your design adds an artistic element while creating more depth and character to the project.  The integration of structural designs like elevated pool walls, tanning ledges, grottos, and spa additions come naturally to the design experts at Mission Pools.  It is our job to help you select and design the right options for you and your family’s water retreat.



Waterfalls make a classic addition to any pool style and are always popular with children and adults alike. Our custom designed waterfalls offer seemingly endless design options utilizing natural rock or artistically constructed faux stone work that looks like Mother Nature did the design.  The visual impact of falling water is further enhanced by the sound that the water movement creates…it is all in the design.  Even the simplest of water flows adds an entirely new dimension to a pool design.

baja ledge

Tanning Ledge or Baja Bench

Tanning Ledge: The tanning ledge is also called baja bench, baja ledge, baja step or Shamu ledge.  A tanning ledge is a flat ledge typically located at the entrance of the pool.  This tanning ledge is the perfect location for a lounge chair or umbrella and offers shallow water pleasure for the  sun-worshipper who wants to avoid getting overheated from the sun or being fully submerged while enjoying the pool. This feature is also an excellent area for little ones to learn to enjoy the water, a great place for socializing, a retreat while reading a book or magazine, or a place to watch the kids play in the pool while being outside the range of the cannonballs.

beach entry

Beach Entry

Beach-Entry: A beach entry can also be called a zero edge entry into the pool.  It is an entry design that gradually slopes from the deck into the water, like a natural beach with no stairs or ladders necessary to get in or out of the pool.  These entries work well with larger pool designs as the beach entry takes up a good portion of the pool’s shallow end square footage.  Beach entries can also lead to tanning ledges and then to entry steps into the deeper water.


Bubblers and Stream Sprays

Bubblers are fun water features that spout up from shallow pool surfaces like steps, beach entries or tanning shelves. When combined with the right aesthetic lighting, they can create striking centerpieces to a variety of swimming pool styles. In shallow beach entries or tanning ledges, they create a fun splash pad for small children and big kids alike.  Stream Sprays come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These features project water into the pool creating a visual impact to a pool design along with a variety of sounds options based on the number and size of the stream.  These jets of water can project from the surrounding pool decking or come out of the side wall of the pool.


Laminar Streams

Laminar Streams are clear tubes of unbroken water that allow for interesting architectural displays of water movement in a pool with minimal sound.  These streams arc across the swimming pool for an elegant and unique addition to your poolscape. They are fascinating water features at night when backlit with LED lighting. Your children will love chasing the glowing water!



A grotto is built using rock & boulders (natural or man-made) creating a small cave or “grotto”.  These designs can have waterfall curtain entries that create an exotic, tropical element to your natural pool design.  Grottos are popular in hillside construction as they allow the pool design to encroach into the hill expanding the size of a backyard area.  Interior lighting can further enhance the mystique of the design for both adults and children.

pool slides

Pool Slides and Diving Boards

Our custom built pool water slides are designed to accentuate your overall pool design while offering hours of pool fun. Each water slide is crafted to fit your pool’s shape with colors and materials that complement your coping and pool deck.  Today’s slides can be custom designed around grottos, landscaping backdrops, or hillside installations and can be as simple a short flumes or elaborate as your favorite water park.  For that retro look, pool slides are available that mount on the pool decking providing a swirling trip to the pool below. Diving boards come in a variety of sizes and require a specific pool design to provide safe use for the diving enthusiast.

sheer descents

Water Features – Bling For Your Pool

Water features offer a wide range of opportunities to customize your pool or spa. They can be a single sconce of water or a multiple of terracotta clay pipes in a raised bond beam, both delivering a feature of water into the pool. There are single sheets of water or a series of individual rain drops that can project into the pool. It does not matter what style of water feature you choose as they all surround you with sound and movement of water in your backyard. Water features can be fabricated to fit in almost any design, whether it is an elegant touch, a majestic accent or even a touch of old world charm, the effects of falling water are just an added bonus to your outdoor living area.

swim up bars

Swim-up Bars

Swim-up bars are a great way to bring your social gathering to the pool in either a wet or dry environment!  These are great places to enjoy a pool side meal or beverage at your leisure without ever getting out of the pool.  The designs can feature built-in bar stools made of stone, tile or precast finishes and a bar that can be adorned in ceramic tile, glass tile, or a variety of stone products. The options are as endless as is the enjoyment that this feature brings to the party.



Spas are the most popular addition to today’s contemporary pool designs.  The benefits are numerous as a spa is that special social or private destination on the pool design. Whether it is ending the day with the therapy of the jets or simply soaking in the heat of the water, a spa can be its own destination resort and for the children it can be their own play center.  Custom designed spas come in a variety shapes and sizes.  Designs can be geometric, freeform, elevated, attached or detached from the pool structure.  Raised spas offer the opportunity to act as water features when not in the spa mode. There are many different materials and finishes that can be used to customize your spa.

fire features

Fire Features

Fire Features are a dramatic addition to your custom swimming pool or deck areas.  The combination of fire and water adds an architectural touch to your custom pool design and has become a very popular design feature.  Fire features come in a variety of different forms from standalone deck elements to fire bowls incorporated into the design of the pool structure to accentuate the pool design.  Our design consultants can show you the choices and how these fit into your backyard design.

stone work

Boulders and Stone Work

In natural pool designs the use of boulders and stone work is imperative to create that tropical feeling.  We are fortunate to have numerous choices in stone types available in our area as well as artisans that can build that special natural look.  Man-made stone can be designed to fit virtually any design criteria and allows a wide array of colors and shapes allowing you to have the same look that you have seen in zoos, aquariums, and theme parks.  Boulder outcroppings around pools create that perfect place for plantings that enhance the overall beauty of the design.

automatic covers

Automatic Safety Pools Covers

There are many benefits to automatic safety pool covers. When the cover is closed it keeps children and pets away from the pool water and it meets the pool safety requirement of adoption, foster and day care.

It increases pool efficiency by retaining heat generated by the pool equipment, saves electricity by reducing pool filtration, virtually eliminates water evaporation and reduces chemical usage.

The cover also helps in pool maintenance by keeping yard debris out of your pool.