Getting Started Building Your New Pool

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Things to Consider When Designing Your Pool

Most people see a backyard. We see a canvas

Mike Cunningham/Designer San Diego County

Getting Started

The Features of Your Environment

There are many things to consider when getting started with your new pool and Mission Pools’ award-winning design experts can walk you carefully through them all. Consideration should be given to the architectural elements of your home and the topographical features of your property. Is your space particularly long and narrow…is it irregular or asymmetrical…what shape of pool would best fit your conditions? Does your house feature a wall of windows that wish for an elaborate view, or does it boast a panoramic vista that would be complimented by a simple, unobtrusive pool design? Would a negative edge perfectly suit your plunging hillside perch, or does your small courtyard atmosphere invite an intimate spa and romantic al fresco dining space? Do you picture a tropically landscaped paradise complete with free-form lagoon pool, a bubbling rock waterfall and mysteriously compelling depths or do you lean more toward a Tuscan-style retreat of travertine and stacked stone with classically molded wall fountains? Our designers excel at creating all styles.

Lifestyle Considerations in Pool Design

Getting Started

Of equal importance is how your pool will be used. Would you like to soak up the sun in a chaise lounge surrounded by cool water or do you have young children that are the wade-and-splash age? Then maybe a Baja ledge would be a great choice for you. Would feature like safety fencing or a pool cover give you peace of mind? Do you dream of providing an exhilarating water slide, or a swim-up bar to hang around with your friends? Would your husband, the grill master, enjoy an adjacent outdoor kitchen, or your wife, the fitness buff, want a pool designed for lap swimming? Are you a single socialite or a retiree whose poolside soirees would be sophisticated affairs complimented by elegantly lit pencil jets arching gracefully as a backdrop? What about the winter months when the beautiful water view gives you memories of warmer water fun while you and your family roast marshmallows around a sunken fire bowl or a crackling outdoor fireplace? Be sure to describe your lifestyle in depth to our design experts since chances are they have ideas you have never considered for enhancing the functionality and enjoyment of your pool!

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