Pool Remodel

Pool Renovation Escondido, Riverside, Temecula

Do You Need a Pool Remodel?

Here in sunny San Diego, Riverside & Orange County California, swimming pools have been popular for generations. Owners often find themselves saddled with an aging or dated structure desperately in need of a pool refresher! At Mission Pools, we specialize in bringing just the right new updates to your existing pool or spa. Whether your pool needs a structural overhaul or just some cosmetic alterations, we can make it like new again.

Cosmetic Upgrades and Additions

Is your pool beginning to show its age? Maybe it is time for a face-lift! From upgrading tile, coping and decking with the finest in today’s materials to creating drama with eye-catching accents like shimmering glass tile or exotically colored interior finishes, Mission Pools’ award-winning designers can totally transform your pool and spa to a vision worthy of your highest standards. Perhaps you have always dreamed of adding the benefits of a beautiful and therapeutic spa or water features to introduce the soothing sound and look from sparkling running water. Many families seek to increase the year-round functionality of their pool area by adding a variety of fire elements, exterior entertainment centers or covered seating areas. If you can dream it we can create it! There is no time like today to begin your pool’s transformation.

Structural Repairs

Does your pool seem to be losing water? Do you have visible cracks in your plaster, chipped tiles or missing grout? All of these can be a source for water leaks. Is any of your pool equipment or exposed plumbing leaking, or do your pumps regularly lose pressure? Contact us immediately! Even seemingly small leaks can cause long term costly damage to your pool or even other nearby structures and should be addressed as soon as possible. Are you concerned with cracked or uneven decking, loose or missing tiles or coping material? Let Mission Pools return your pool and spa to the safe, functional and fun environment that you, your family and your guests deserve!

Equipment Upgrades

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years! Chances are your outmoded equipment could be costing you unnecessarily high electricity or water bills, or simply not be doing a good enough job of keeping your pool and spa clean. Many owners are concerned with the levels of chemicals that their pools require and are thrilled to learn of recent innovations like ozonators, salt generators, and UV systems that can drastically reduce the need for chemicals. Mission Pools’ renovation experts stay well versed in all of these advancements and can capably recommend the right equipment for you. Contact us today for your San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County pool remodeling and renovation needs!