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Jack Tone, Jr./Vice President

Custom Pool Design Escondido, Temecula and Lake Forest

When you see a swimming pool or water feature that captures your attention and gives you flashbacks of your tropical vacation, do you think about how that could be in your back yard providing pleasure day after day? At Mission Pools, our staff of designers work daily to put your thoughts and dreams on paper and ready for the next step…construction. Through consultations and site visits they take on the challenge of putting everything in order. The pool design is but a piece of the backyard area. Decking, landscaping, barbeque, fire pits, water features all are taken into account based on a combination of your ideas and their professional vision.

Your phone call to our office can start the design process. We will meet with you on site, listen to your ideas, measure the yard area, and develop a plan for your review. Very rarely is the first plan complete as it develops through meetings between yourselves and your designer. As the evolution continues the final plan is developed and an estimate is prepared. A proper design incorporates you and your family’s ideas and wishes. Our people will combine those artistic ideas with the proper mechanical equipment that will provide you years of performance. A proper pool design is more than a pretty picture. Pumps, filters, heaters, pool cleaners, lighting and controls are all taken into account by our design members. We want your pool to work as well as it looks. Our job is to select design materials that complement each other and function well over the years to come. Pool edging material, ornamental tile, the surrounding decking, and plaster all have to blend together to produce that award winner. The plaques on our walls show we have the talent to do just that.

Sometimes design requires special “below the surface” work. Structural design is needed when site challenges occur. Hillside construction, retaining wall requirements, varied elevations and soil conditions all have to be considered by our team. Our years of experience building not only residential projects but large commercial facilities gives us a leg up on the competition because of varied construction experience. There are no limits to the parts of paradise. Pool, water feature, spa, BBQ, sunning and shade areas, entertaining needs…all are part of the design experience. How many variables can there be in building a swimming pool or back yard adventure? How many different versions of paradise are there? That is why we build dreams one at a time.

But design is about more than just looks. The final product has to work correctly and provide use with minimum maintenance.  The amount of water held by the vessel dictates the circulation flow rate which, in turn, dictates the equipment needed which dictates the appropriate pipe sizing for proper circulation.  Do you have a spa and if so, how many jets would you like?  Let’s be sure to include spa side controls that makes your spa easy for you and your family to use or maybe you would prefer a hand held controller or have it run from your phone.  Your lighting design is also very important both in number of lights and direction of the lighting. Do you want variable colored lighting? No problem. How about your control system for the mechanical and lighting equipment? Would it be more convenient in the kitchen or the den?  All of these choices are part of the design phase.

An extremely important component of a design is the BUDGET. For all our designers it is important to listen. Listening to your wants and ideas so they can be incorporated in the design is imperative. But designing beyond your budget is a waste of everyone’s time and effort. We are proud to say that we design well to budgets without cutting corners. So when you meet with our people let them know your budget along with your wants and ideas.